Please note the product is shipped from China. (origrid is compatible with 2024 magic keyboard)


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oriGrid Classic for 11" iPad Canvass (Grey)

*oriGrid Organiser Only - iPad and keyboard not included

*orGrid NOT compatible with iPad with 3rd party skin.  The slight increase in thickness will interfere the connection with magic keyboard.

  • User Weavable grid based organization system for your iPad
  • Sleeve on design wore on your iPad non-destructively 
  • Leather trim for long lasting durability
  • Camera Bumper to protect your camera module

Weavable Grid

Our patent user weavable grid system allow for maximum customization.  Change the grid to match your need.    

Camera Bumper

True camera protection. A 6mm PC plastic bumper protect your camera module from scratching on the tablet top.

Sleeve On Design

Time for your iPad to wears its own backpack.  Our Sleeve-On discreetly wears itself onto your magic keyboard... non-destructively..

Leather Trim

Built for long lasting durability.  All trim regardless of which series of oriGrid uses leather.  We designed our product to last.

Compatible Keyboard and 3rd Party Magic Style KeyboardoriGrid is compatible with Apple Official Magic Keyboard for iPad and Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad.There are currently many 3rd party Magic Style Keyboard Replica that has dimension similar or exactly as the Magic Keyboard. Those replica will also works with oriGrid. To make sure the replica will work, please measure the top back portion of the replica keyboard. If they match or nearly matches the original magic keyboard, it will work.11" : 12.5cm (4.92in)12.9" : 14cm (5.5 in)