All shipment halted due to Chinese New Year. Resume after Feb 22 2021.

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Firmware Update

Sometime in life pleasant surprise is amazing.     The current firmware update not only added phase detection to the mix, it also allows for auto WIFI module override once the smartphone adaptor is plugged in.  Prior to this update, user is required to remove the WIFI module in order to activate the Smartphone adaptor.

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Facebook Page Down!

Dear customer:   I am so sorry that Facebook has locked me in this infinite loop of security check and I can’t log into my own business page.  I have notice some customer leaving message to me, yet I can’t read it.   I will be opening a new facebook account and page soon.     For the time being, please disregard the FB page.  Any question you have, please send to my email  

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Dream is forged with metal and fire!

We all dream, but they only start when we wield it .. with metal and fire... My fire started months ago, but the wielding started today.  After numerous discussions, trial and error, waiting for part, the inner silicone mold finally started today.   This tedious process has resumed twice to accommodate the different ND filters that flooded the market.  Designer, Pro-E CAD Specialists all sat around waiting for a decision, and my decision is to make sure the case must be tailored for all official accessories.  Some of the ND Filters that drastically differs from the Official DJI Filter will need to be let go.  We tried to be accommodating as possible, but a line must be drawn.  We tested many...

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